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AI and Machine learning technologies are accelerating automation at lightning pace. Transform conventional techniques to artificial intelligence for the ease of doing business from anywhere, anytime. With the latest-art-of-technologies, our developers help industries to better use and manage data with improved operations. Enhance your ease of managing data and services with immense yet simplified artificial intelligence solutions for better productivity and consumer management. Using an open-source machine learning framework we fasten the ideas into quality production deployment.


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We make your machines intelligent

UMENIT empowers you with business growth by minimizing your labor and infrastructure cost. It lets you increase your customer experience which eventually makes your grow in makretplace. We are experienced in analyzing customers requirement and delivering our clients best applications to meet their business needs. We have strong knowledge in designing, implementing and integrating Artificial Intelligence technology within the customer’s business environment whether it be Healthcare, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Customer Services, Education, Financial Services or Mobile.

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Our Service Offerings

Machine Learning

We empower your business with the unmatched benefits of machine learning, a technology that enables machines to leverage data for self-learning just like humans do. They can interpret complicated data, detect trends, and identify patterns in it.

Natural Language Processing

We specialize in Natural Language Processing technology that enables machines to understand and comprehend what people speak and write, interpret their sentiments, and take relevant actions on the basis of this understanding.

Digital Virtual Agents (Chatbot)

We create highly advanced AI-powered digital virtual agents, which are capable of understanding and interpreting the human behavior and delivering extensive support as well as enriching customer experiences.

Knowledge Virtualization

We harness the power of the Artificial Intelligence technology for creating robust knowledge virtualization systems, which help the businesses to use reliable databases for taking the right business decisions.

Decision Management

We simplify and automate the business decisions with the AI-assisted business decision management solutions that drive accurate decisions on the basis of reliable algorithmic and predictive systems.

Predictive Analytics

Predict the market conditions or product sales. Understand customers, prevent churn and optimize resource usage and efficiency.

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