Build Enterprise Grade Cross Platform Applications, Grow Collaboration & Productivity

Experience rich functionalities in multi-platform app development for a wide range of audiences on different operating systems. Customized development operations by integrating using leading technologies to upgrade business needs using the same IDE, language, and APIs.

Flawless Operations, Cross-Platform Frameworks and Tools For:-

Our techies are consistently sharing ideas and experience starting from collecting all of the ideal business information, UI/UX designs, coding, testing to product maintenance and technical support.

We are building cutting-edge enterprises solution on all cross platforms.

• Enterprises apps

• Responsive web app

• Multi-platform apps

• App theme designing

• App migration

Rich Features for multiple platforms

Developing mobile applications for all platforms, a cost-effective process with time-to-market and reducing management. We create applications in a singular environment and use it in several native platforms which includes Android, iOS, Windows mobile, Blackberry, etc. Time-saving development operations and maintenance, reduce management risks with expertise in multi-platform apps building.

Business Focused Multimedia Apps Development & Management

The stack of technology that we use is the best and updated in accordance to demands of information technology market. Designing, testing and development of applications for multimedia and entertainment industry.

Android App Development

If your business belongs to the entertainment industry, we can make introduce in a unique way that will grab quality audience globally and locally.

Transform your conventional business into digital ecosystem with high-resolution content and smooth functionalities.

We are into development of Music Streaming App, Video Streaming App, Gaming App, Photo Sharing App and Content Aggregation App

Location - Based Application Development

An ideal platform that will enhance ROI (Return on Investment) especially, for e-commerce, small and medium size businesses. Location based mobile app is enhancing the market with immense information on products, service, price comparison, product alternatives and various other market endorsing mobile commerce options.

Cross-Application Security and Uniformity

Enhance your revenue by 60% with a cutting-edge e-commerce application with a customized and optimized store. Developing customer oriented applications with simplified customer panel, vendor panel and admin panel.

Business benefits of cross-platform app development Environment

Cross platform development is a process of building apps for mobile and desktop which will be compatible on multiple platforms. Cross platform apps dev is well-known for their flexibility and naivety because it use basic programming languages for scripting, CSS, HTML, C, C# and JavaScript.

Accelerating Digital Re-Invention With Agile Business Models

Fully-fledged applications, websites, e-commerce portals, custom software and much more built by UMENIT are transforming administrative & audience experience.

What’s next?

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UMENIT will help setting your business apart from the flock.

Till the end of 2019, we have become the best technology service provider to many of our overseas enterprises.