Integrating artificial intelligence (ai) with the healthcare industry in india

A report from “Pradhanmantri Jan Arogya Yojna” stated that the healthcare market in India is unexpectedly growing to reach US$ 372 billion by 2022.

With the growth of medical tourism in India, the software industry is reinventing itself and punching easily above its weight. AI has now synchronized itself with the medical industry, you can actually predict the onset, or decline of a medical ailment’s life cycle.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and drone optimized tech now helps doctors to foresee the failure of medical equipment and analyze real-time data (analyze as and when patients’ vital signs change), this means AI will help you to minimize any time lags between the action (vital signs) and reaction (administered medical action) of a patient’s vital signs.

Healthcare has become one of the leading sectors in terms of revenue and employment. It brings in millions of dollars from national and international patients. The gross domestic product of a country is greatly influenced by its medical sector and associated revenue.

Since its inception, the software industry is used by a plethora of sectors in varied ways. The healthcare and medical industry rely heavily on chronic diseases, cardiology, radiology, and risk management. AI systems employ machine learning and deep learning, these make use of hundreds and thousands of data sets to allow the machine to make accurate decisions in order to save lives.


Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Digitization of health records helps the doctor and medical staff, data can be managed accurately without scrambling to manage dossiers. The nurses and the medical team are the helping hands of doctors who feed the data into a centrally digitized system which is a fully automatic process.

Quick and Precise Response

Some cases need quick attention and AI systems have the capability of learning and catering Intel based on previous cases and the information available on the Internet.

AI Count and Reduced Human Errors

We’re human and making an error is in our nature, this can be a threat to the patient. This is why AI systems are introduced because they monitor the whole procedure and increase the overall accuracy.

Flexible Online Process

Artificial intelligence with other technical advancement assists the hospital, especially the medical team by catering a safe report and record protocol with the patients. .

Virtual Assistance

A technology - Telemedicine has been introduced, this tech assists the doctor and patients in remote areas in case of emergencies.

Healthy Relation

In certain cases, patients are suffering through a highly contagious ailment, AI can be employed to operate, assist and administer medicines to these patients remotely.

A few amazing facts about the AI Systems

  1. In a media conference Sunder Pichai CEO of Google said that in the coming years, artificial intelligence will revolutionize mankind.
  2. “Watson” is a supercomputer created by IBM based on artificial intelligence.
  3. Alan Turning is coined as the father of artificial intelligence 
  4. “Expert system” is a technique of AI systems that is used the video games

A few popular examples of artificial intelligence

  • Siri is a small example of the AI programming owned by “Apple”
  • Facial recognition in mobile phones
  • Voice to text feature
  • Automation process

Closing Thought

With time, rapid innovation, and changes are expected in Artificial Intelligence development. A wide spectrum of products and services have already swept the world. Undoubtedly, AI availed a lot of attention and concerns in terms of advancement in near future.

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