Ruby On Rails Development

Creating and managing modern applications could be a daunting process that is why we use “Ruby on Rails” which is a full-stack development framework with multiple securities and performance aspects. Whether you’re a startup or a well-established business, this framework can stimulate the management of mature businesses.


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Ruby On Rails Development

We develop a fantastic application by saving time

Ruby on Rails is an open source framework that has become one of the most popular platforms for building application for the today’s businesses. To satisfy the needs of ever-growing business demands, we, at UMENIT Solutions, have been providing superior quality and professional web and application development services based on Ruby on Rails. We have created the team of ROR experts who are always ready to showcase their expertise to the clients by providing best-in-class development services regardless of the project’s type, size, and length.

Top ROR CMS develop this fantastic applications.

Refinery CMS

Refinery is no doubt the most popular Ruby on Rails CMS and it is holding the top seat from many years. It has whole lot of features and great support from community too.

Camaleon CMS

Camaleon CMS is an advanced and dynamic Content Management System Based on Ruby on Rails 4 which is an alternative to WordPress in Ruby on Rails. This CMS can be adapted to any kind of project without programming and giving to users more time for the content instead of programming.

Locomotive CMS

Locomotive CMS is specially for developers. It is a beautiful Open Source CMS that makes it super easy to develop and design exactly what our clients need.

Spina CMS

Spina is a relatively new CMS built upon the Rails framework. It is designed for developers with experience using Ruby on Rails. It’s under active development.


Fae delivers all the basics to get you up and running: authentication/authorization, a responsive UI, form helpers and workflows. But unlike other engines, Fae generates models, controllers, and views into your app that inherit from its core classes.

Story time CMS

Storytime is a Rails 4+ CMS and blogging engine, with a core focus on content.

Comfortable Mexican Sofa

ComfortableMexicanSofa is a powerful Rails 4/5 CMS Engine

Alchemy CMS

Alchemy is a powerful, user-friendly and flexible Open Source Ruby on Rails CMS.


APIQ is a modern and flexible Ruby on Rails content management system with a modular approach.


PushType is a next generation open source content management system for Ruby on Rails. It takes advantage of powerful new features available in the latest versions of Ruby on Rails

Why Ruby on Rails Framework ?

Time Efficiency

Ruby on Rails contains many ready-made plugins and modules, which allow developers not to waste time on writing boilerplate code. It’s proven that RoR teams build applications 30–40% faster than teams using other programming languages and frameworks.


Developers follow standardized file storage and programming conventions that keep a project structured and readable. It also saves plenty of time.


Ruby on Rails is an open source framework distributed under the MIT license, that means you don’t have to spend money on the framework itself. Gems let to add features without developing them from scratch, so it can save plenty of developer time and effort, too. You can find gems for any purpose and download them for free from GitHub, a platform where developers share open source code.

Bug Free Development

The Minitest tool built into the Rails core is a comprehensive test suite that provides many useful testing features including expectation syntax, test benchmarking, and mocking. In addition, Ruby on Rails encourages test driven development (TDD) and behavior-driven development (BDD) approaches. You can read about them in the article How Test Driven Development (TDD) Helps You Cut Development Costs.


If you expect to get a lot of users for your application you should make sure that it can cope with all the visitors you’re hoping to attract. About Rails scalability you can learn from another article What if I Tell You That Ruby on Rails Is Scalable.

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